Kodak Magnus 6383 Quantum CTP

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Kodak Magnus 6383 Quantum CTP
Year: 2008
Quantum V Speed 2540 dpi
Max plate size 1600 x 2083mm
Min Plate Size 483 x 394mm
Plate Thickness 0.2 – 0.4mm
Imaging speed 203mm per minute
Square spot thermal imaging technology
Staccato FM screening (20um)
MCU multi cassette unit
left hand option, continuous
load option, plus 4 cassette MCU
Automatic plate picking
Slip sheet removal
Plate staging
Storage of 75 plates per
cassette with slip sheet
Magnus VLF delicate media option
Printergy Evo 4.1 Software
Polychrome plate processor
Plate stacking device
Integrated Punch
Plate Count: 46928
Laser On Time=2160.7 Hours

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Kodak Magnus 6383 Quantum CTP