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Five-color offset printing machine coater with the possibility of printing with UV inks and UV coating. RYOBI 755 E, 2007

sheet offset RYOBI 755 E

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Technical data:
Five-color offset printing machine coater with the possibility of printing with UV inks and UV coating.
RYOBI 755 E, 2007

- Five printing units;
- Dispersion coater and UV varnishes ;
- Doctor blade chamber for coater (UV or dispersion) ;
- Full system of forced circulation for varnish for paint coater ;
- Remote RYOBI PCS- G Desktop with touch screen
- remote areas of ink fountains and feed paint
- remote control of registers- longitudinal, transverse and oblique "on- line"
- remote control of humidification
- ability to save of working parameters and archiving,
network card to cable connect with pre-press (format supports CIP)
and output for recording on magnetic media
-RYOBI Program Inking - software for automatic, rapid pre-inking of inking system and control of ink ducts during printing;
- Software Ryobi Ink Volume Setter (CIP 4) - a combination of pre-press
- RYOBI Smart End Inking Program - software for automatic paint stripping from rollers, thus preparing the machine for the next job organ;
-PSPS Preset system - initial and basic setting of the paper size from the desktop control;
-IPPS Preset system- preliminary and essential expression setting from the control desk;
- Pallets delivery system on the feeder;
- Feeder stream flow and a table with vacuum straps;
-Kersten static electricity eliminator on applying and outputting allows printing very thin sheets and plastic;
- Ultrasound monitoring of duplicate sheets, the second mechanical control system and the third optical inspection system;
- The thickness of expression to 0.8 mm – cardboard version;
- Brand panel with extensive mechanical adjust the thickness of the substrate;
- Brand Setting panel with automatic;
- Sound sensor by side;
- The front airflow brands;
- The continuous humidification alcohol RYOBI-matic-D system;
- Ryobi-matic-D REMOTE - DELTA automatic system ON / OFF, automatically download dirt from the plate;
- Automatic blanket washing (and pressure washing and software) Ryobi BCD;
- The cooling and dampening system of solution circulation Grafix ConTemp;
- Full tempering inking system with automatic control of temperature;
- The oscillating roller bridge;
- The oscillating ink form rollers (three per unit);
- The compensation vector humidification of speed of water ductor;
-RYOBI Full-RPC - fully automatic plate change (without bending plates);
- Automatic washing of inking units Ryobi IRCD;
-Ryobi Hickey Picker - manual system of contaminants removing from the plate;
- Detectors control the flow of the sheet;
- The system blowing the back edge of lining sheets;
- The straightening the sheets in the delivery;
- The Grafix Digital powder spray;
- Extended bridge lining (version E - maximum length);
- Drying cassette Grafix IR G55S with air-knives;
- Support System of cooling of drying cassette system IR;
- Drying cassette UV Mikon PUV -800 , 2 UV modules automatically opening reflectors in the housing coffered + air cooling system with plate a water-cooled sheet guide;
- Densitometric control system of prints Ryobi PDS- E;
- Counter with the function of adjusting the workload, and non-resettable odometer;
- Control monitor machine OK;
- Security guards, gutter oil, a set of necessary tools;
- Anilox Cylinder for coater: 10 cm3/m2;
- Maximum paper size: 788 x 600 mm
- Minimum paper size: 279 x 200 mm
- Maximum print area: 765 x 545 mm
- Paper thickness from 0.04 to 0.8 mm (cardboard version)
- Print speed: from 3 000 to 15 000 sheets / hour
- Course: OLLY 2.0 million copies !!!

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